The Story Behind the Name: Who's C?

When I was in university a few of my friends started calling me C. I was studying music at the time and was part of this incredible community of artists, performers and creative types. Shortly after I left university I got away from music and my nickname changed too, as nicknames are wont to do.

Ever since, I've been searching for something else I could connect with and it's fair to say I've had a little trouble working it out. Over the last 10 years I've trained as a master-level Reiki practitioner, a yoga for kids instructor, and a dog-walker. I've read personal development books, taken classes, and conquered many a 30-day challenge. In the end, it was a one-day screen printing workshop that stuck.

It's fitting that today I'm creating textile designs that are all about connection; to each other, to our city, and to ourselves. I'm reclaiming my old university nickname and rebuilding a relationship with the intuitive, creative girl I was then and the community that supported me.

So Me & C. is literally about me and C. but it's also about you and C. It's about her/him/them and C. When you wear my designs you're promoting a culture where everyone belongs and everyone thrives; a community in which we take care of one another. Because London is not just our city, it's our home.