Me & C.
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Well hello. I’m Carolyn.

I’m the printmaker, storyteller and creative mind behind Me & C., dedicated to sharing art that will make you proud to live where you live.

I learned to screen print in a one-day workshop and felt so energized and refreshed that within a year I’d started this business. Now I spend my days documenting life in London, Ontario DIY style through artwork and a weekly newsletter (coming soon) that’ll bring a smile to your face and likely dislodge a happy memory or two.

My Places collection captures familiar scenes in London, Ontario. You’ll find your fondest Forest City moments printed on t-shirts, pillows, greeting cards, canvas and my one-of-a-kind upcycled clothing line called Rewear; a community collaboration with Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes.

The highlight of my week is sitting in my booth on the 2nd floor of The Market at Western Fair District watching you wander in and grin at my t-shirts like they just saw an old friend. You find designs of the places where you had your first kiss or said your last goodbye, gifts for friends leaving town or ones that have already made a life for themselves away from home. One of my shirts lives in Japan!

Maybe you've lived here all your life, maybe you went to school here, maybe you just visit once in a while. Whatever your connection to London, whoever you are, Me & C. is for you. 

Most Often Asked

The question I’m asked more than anything else is, “Are you Me or are you C?” The answer is both.

You can read what my name’s all about and what led me to that screen printing workshop in the first place right here.

Paying It Forward

Because I love sharing what I learn, I offer print nights, private print parties and screen printing workshops that’ll have you feeling like frickin’ Picasso. Learn something new, ignite your creativity and bring your brilliant ideas into the world, where they belong.

Me & The Socials

I prefer to spend my time off the grid writing and printing, so my social media posts are pretty sporadic, but you can get a glimpse at my creative process and a little London pride in your inbox every week by signing up here: