How a disgruntled customer changed the course of my business

She was a middle-aged, tall-ish woman who looked like she had somewhere to be that Saturday morning. She was motoring by my booth at The Market at Western Fair with her friend when she stopped in her tracks at the sight of the t-shirt I had displayed out front. I don’t remember which design it was that caught her attention but her face lit up, giving me that good ol’ I-love-that-you-love-it feeling. Then she checked the tag.

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$10 a week

I am what they call a magical thinker. Google it, it's a thing. I know it takes me 18 minutes to walk to work but when I'm running late, I'll leave myself 8 and think I can still be on time if I just walk faster. If someone gives me $50 for Christmas, I spend $150 and believe somehow it'll all balance out. I say I'll be ready in 15 minutes even though I still have to shower, get dressed and dry my hair which usually takes me at least 30. Magical. Thinker.

Not properly thinking things through definitely makes it easier to take risks or go all in which can yield exciting results. It can also lead to some challenging circumstances.

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Daily Reminders

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to launch a business. I mean, I had an idea it would be busy and that I had a lot to learn, but it was a malformed idea at best.

Anticipating how things might go down in a scenario I haven't experienced before has never been my strong suit. Ask me about something happening in the future and whether I've considered [insert possible consequence here] and my answer will likely be something obtuse like, "I dunno. It'll be fine."

Translation? "I want what I want and it's too overwhelming to think about what might get in my way because I don't know what I would do if it did so stop talking about it."

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