Shop 519

I'm going to steal a line here from a company called Cladwell that taught me to trade impulse buys for items I love.

"True happiness comes from meaningful experiences, relationships, and contributions to society."  

I shop local because it feels good to hand my money to a local artist or shop owner, maybe even get to know them a little and make a purchase that is not only meaningful to me, but also to them.    

It's with that in mind that I put together this list of some cool local shops/brands/artists in London & area. Just click the pic for details:

(names marked with an * are social enterprises: businesses with a social or environmental purpose at their core)

Art & Collectibles

Bath, Body & Beards

Books & Music

Clothing & Accessories

Home & Living


Kids & Baby

Local Artisan Markets

Shops That Stock Local Artisans

This is a list of businesses in London and area that are:

  • locally founded
  • locally owned
  • product-based

If you'd like to be added to the list, send me a note. I might not be quick about it, but if it's a good fit I'll get you up there.